About Giordano's, New Jersey's Recycling Experts

Since 1948
Four Generations
of the Giordano Family

From left to right
Joseph Giordano, Jr (Owner)
Nick Giordano(Operations & Marketing)
Brian Giordano (Owner)
Brad Giordano (Sales)

The late Joseph Giordano, Sr. was introduced to scrap recycling by his father Rocco, who had started out with a horse and buggy buying and selling scrap metal and rags during the Depression. Joseph started Giordano's Recycling on Mill Road, the very first business in what is now a highly industrialized area. In 1948, after much struggle, Joseph finally became a licensed scrap dealer. In the early days materials were bought with either cash or green stamps. It wasn't long before Joseph purchased his first baler, an old wooden machine that had to be wound by hand and would produce a 150 lb. bale. The business grew steadily and he soon needed help to move forward.

Joseph Giordano, Jr. and Brian Giordano joined their father to lend a hand. The two brothers, now partners, helped expand and greatly improve the facility over the next forty years. Giordano's Recycling has exploded into the recycling industry with a high volume facility, state of the art equipment, and technologically advanced computer systems. Giordano's Recycling is equipped with shears, trucks, cranes, and two high production 2-ram balers. Thousands of tons of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, waste paper and plastics are processed daily. In addition, Giordano's has expanded into waste hauling, providing trash removal throughout Southern New Jersey.

Giordano’s, now a fourth generation company, continues to grow its business each year. The dedication and strong work ethic of company employees will continue to establish Giordano’s Recycling as a valuable part of the recycling industry’s future.